Digital Art Curatorship (Official)


(For more detailed information consult our International Center for Postgraduates CIP-ESDI)


The Master in Digital Arts Commissariat serves the needs of professional and academic training in curating exhibitions, art theory and design, criticism or cultural management, with the particularity of being specialized in the creation and use of new technologies.

The commissioner in digital art can be considered one of the most successful activities at the same time, one of the most innovative, for their particular purpose to act in the present context. His role is shared by a number of cultural practices related to new technologies, including:

- The organization of artistic, recreational, educational or disseminating activities.
- The development of multimedia presentations and forms of exposure at conferences, lectures, etc..
- The development of original projects of confluence of art and new media.
- Organizing events, festivals, shows, etc..
- The new media critics.
- Theoretical research on latest trends in art and design.

These studies are part of Arts and Humanities branch of knowledge. This master offers 20 places. These studies are taken in ESDi extension classrooms in Barcelona (EATM. Passeig de Gracia 114, Ppal)