In textile industries innovation (official)

Introduction to Master in textile industries innovation

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The Master in the Textile Industries Innovation arises from the natural evolution of the Master in Production and Industrial Innovation (own degree from the University Ramon Llull).

It is a master designed to enhance university-company vocational training for young graduates to prepare them to provide the performance and capacity for innovation that the country's industries need to be competitive in global markets and, at the same time , help the employability of graduates.
Students receive an ESDi academic training and specific training to the know-how from sector company where the student makes a training period that prepares thoroughly to really be effective in the task of innovating industries in one of the three possible axes provided (option chosen by the student):

• Innovation in product design (design-oriented graduates).
• Innovation in manufacturing processes (aimed at graduates or engineers in chemistry).
• Innovation in business management and marketing of products (aimed at graduates in computer science or business).

These studies are part of Arts and Humanities branch of knowledge.